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Power bank 10000 mAh

LWC-101 with magnetic wireless charging New

The LYAMBDA LWC-101 portable battery with wireless charging is an excellent solution for those who often need to charge their smartphone and have no time to sit next to an outlet.

The battery capacity is enough for two full charges, which is more than enough even with active use.


LYAMBDA straps with universal fastening

A new line of watch straps with universal fastening, made of hypoallergenic wear-resistant materials. A wide color palette allows you to select models to suit any look, and the ergonomic design makes them invisible on the hand and comfortable for daily use. Suitable for 20 and 22 mm mounts.



The gaming computer LYAMBDA BUMBLEBEE L-GM171111-BB is a modern, stylish and powerful computer with amazing hardware.

Powerful processors, modern video cards, fast memory, every element has been selected to provide you with performance for any task, from gaming to the production of graphic or video content.


Laptop LYAMBDA LLT161 16.1″


The LYAMBDA LLT161 gaming laptop is a powerful and stylish laptop that will provide you with all the spectrum of entertainment.

Computer games, graphics programs, a laptop is perfect for any of your purposes. A powerful processor, a modern video card, a beautiful display, all of this is combined in a stylish, durable, lightweight and compact metal case.


Laptop docking station

LYAMBDA LIN-07 10 in 1

The universal splitter LYAMBDA LIN-07 is a device with many ports that expands the functionality of a laptop.

This docking station features high specifications, a wide range of functions and a stylish design. It will become an indispensable addition to your laptop, providing maximum convenience and productivity in your work.


Docking station 6 in 1 LYAMBDA LIN-06

Laptop stand with 6 expansion ports LYAMBDA LIN-06 is a multifunctional device that combines stylish design and modern technological solutions.

The docking station can be used as a cooling pad for a laptop, thanks to its retractable legs, or as a compact holder when closed.


Charger LYAMBDA LWC-221

3 in 1

Compact magnetic wireless charging LYAMBDA LWC-221 allows you to charge 3 devices simultaneously.

The charger has a MagSafe magnetic mount to charge your iPhone. The main platform’s power of 15W allows you to quickly charge your smartphone.

Two rear pads are designed for charging Apple Watch and Apple AirPods, with Qi technology.


USB Type-C to Lightning


The LYAMBDA LCL10 cable is designed for charging and transmitting information for your Apple equipment , both iPhone and iPad with a Lightning connector.

The cable supports current up to 3A and has a nylon braid , which has an excellent effect on the strength and durability of the cable .


Portable speaker LYAMBDA LBS101

Wireless speaker LYAMBDA LBS101 – your compact companion to the world of music.

Thanks to the Bluetooth module, built-in battery and compact size , the speaker is ideal for listening to music both at home and outdoors, while hiking or jogging.

The lightweight design and convenient loop on the body allow you to attach the speaker to a backpack, or hang it on a branch in the park. The speaker is protected from moisture according to the IPX7 standard .


Portable speaker LYAMBDA LBS201

Wireless speaker LYAMBDA LBS201 – a speaker with excellent stereo sound and stylish design.

Thanks to the Bluetooth module, built-in battery and compact size , the speaker is ideal for listening to music both at home and outdoors.

The speaker is protected according to the IPX7 standard , which allows you to immerse it under water without fear of damaging it.


Wireless headphones LYAMBDA LTW200

LYAMBDA LTW200 headphones are wireless full-size headphones with active noise cancellation .

Light weight, soft ear cushions with memory effect, adjustable headband, all of which keep your head and ears from getting tired from wearing the headphones.

3 noise reduction modes, NFC module, excellent sound and stylish design , all this makes the LYAMBDA LTW200 an excellent choice.