USB cable Type-C/Lightning
LCLm25 Premium



Data transfer and charging


Material: PVC + nylon braid
Cable specification: AWG 22/30
Current: 3A
Data transfer rate: 480 Mbps

Length of cable

2.5 m

Product List

Cable – 1 pc.

Cable weight

56-66 g


124-134 г


176x94x35 мм

About Product

Lightning cable - USB-C 2.5m Lyambda LCLm25 with MFi certificate is the best choice for owners of Apple devices. This cable has passed Apple's strict tests and is MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) certified, which guarantees its flawless compatibility and operation with the company's devices. The cable is designed for charging, data transfer and synchronization of iPhone, iPad, AirPods with a Lightning connector.

MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) certificate is a certification provided by Apple to third-party manufacturers of accessories for their iPhone, iPad devices.

To achieve MFi certification, the Lyambda LCLm25 cable has undergone a series of tests and meets the strict requirements set by Apple. These tests are conducted to verify the compatibility, safety and quality of products to ensure they work reliably and flawlessly with Apple devices.

MFi certification gives users confidence that they are dealing with an accessory that has been recommended by Apple. This protects against possible problems associated with incompatibility or poor quality of the product, and ensures that the cable will work after iOS updates.

The Lyambda LCLm25 cable can handle a maximum current of up to 3A to charge your Apple devices quickly and efficiently.

Aluminium foil
Nylon braid
Velcro fastener

It offers transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps, allowing you to transfer files and data between devices quickly and reliably.
This cable features an additional layer of aluminum foil and braided copper shielding in its braid. This ensures more reliable and stable data transmission, as well as protection from external interference and signal distortion.

In addition, the cable is made of strong and durable material – PVC with nylon braiding, which protects the cable from twisting and kinks. Lyambda LCLm25 has reinforcements at the bend points near the connectors. This guarantees its protection from damage and leads to an increase in service life.
The Lyambda LCLm25 cable has a built-in smart chip that protects against overheating. It also controls the current strength: when the battery charge level is high, the current strength is automatically reduced. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your device.

The cable length of 2.5 meters makes it ideal for home, office or car.

The Lightning to USB-C cable Lyambda LCLm25 with MFi certification is not just an ordinary cable, but an accessory that meets Apple’s expectations and requirements. Compatibility, reliability and quality make it an ideal choice for Apple users who want seamless performance and compatibility with their devices.