ELARA Galaxy A30s/A50/A50s


Product list

Clip case - 1 pc
Wrist strap - 1 pc


28 г


105.5x184.5x17 мм

About Product

The Lyambda Elara series case is a thin and durable cover plate.
Made of high quality materials:

Back panel: Eco-leather
Substrate: Polycarbonate
Edge: Silicone

The back panel of the case is covered with textured eco-leather. A strong polycarbonate backing gives the case rigidity and strength. Edge made of soft silicone:thanks to them, the smartphone is perfectly placed in the case, and there are special tactile pads for the buttons. The edge of the case are slightly raised, which will protect the smartphone screen from scratches.

The case is equipped with a removable strap that allows you to quickly free your hands. Thanks to the strap, you will definitely not drop your phone while shooting and will not lose it in crowded places.

The case is compatible for using the wireless charging function.