Car phone holder with wireless charging function


The charger is compatible with the following devices that support Qi wireless charging:


Aluminium alloy


Input voltage: 5V⎓2A; 9V⎓2A
Output voltage: 5V⎓1A; 9V⎓1.67A
Transmitted power: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W (max)
Maximum transmission distance: ≤6mm;
Interfaces: USB-C input; Device detection sensor; Touch button.

Product List

1. Car phone holder with function
wireless charging – 1 pc.
2. Mounting bracket for the windshield or front panel – 1 pc.
3. Qualcomm QC 3.0 car adapter – 1 pc.
4. Spring clip for the interior ventilation deflector – 1 pc.
5. USB-C cable – 1 pc.
6. User manual/Warranty card – 1 pc.

Device size and weight

Device dimensions: 111x70x46 mm
Weight: 112g


521 г


151x144x64 мм

About Product

Car phone holder with wireless charging function Lyambda LWC-201

The device is equipped with a wireless charging module that supports allmodern phone models compatible with Qi technology.
Thanks to resonant charging, the maximum energy transfer distance reaches 6 mm, which means fast charging will be carried out even in a thick case.
The aluminum alloy and tempered glass body allows heat to be dissipated evenly through the surface of the device.
Automatic recognition of the installed phone and selection of optimal parameters for its fast and efficient charging.

Comfortable use
The side clamps of the device open with a touch button and automatically close when the phone is placed in the center.
Silicone pads protect the phone case and screen from scratches.
The secure fit ensures your phone stays in place even when driving over uneven surfaces.
The rubberized base of the air vent clip protects your vehicle.

Attaching the device
The device comes with two mounting options for your car:
The bracket on the windshield or front panel is attached to a vacuum silicone suction cup. To secure the bracket, only two steps are required: install the suction cup and press the lever.
The clip into the interior ventilation deflector is fixed using an adjustable hook and carefully pressed against the grille with a rubberized base.
Both options are connected to the device using a hinged mount. This allows you to adjust the viewing angle and position of the device over a wide range. The holders are securely fixed, do not fold or fall even when driving on bumpy roads.